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PolarHistory.net is a resources website that covers two main subject areas:

  • This section: military exploitation of those regions both during the coldwar and in the post-coldwar era. While the majority of the material covers Arctic operations there is also material related to expeditions and bases in the Antarctic.

Selected Posts:

Strategic Issues Bibliography

Recent Works on strategic and political issues: Scramble for the Arctic – Ownership, Exploitation and Conflict in the Far North by Richard Sales & Eugene Potapov (2010) Polar Imperative – ...
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Bibliography of featured resources

A list of books documented within the website. Books: Journal Articles: Newspaper Reports: Online Articles: Websites: ...
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Arctic Submarine Operations Bibliography

A bibliography of books, articles and websites with information pertaining to Arctic submarine operations ...
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The DEW Line

The DEW line was a set of early warning radar sites built in the Arctic by USA in the 1950s ...
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